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Standard & Custom-Tailored Business Liability Insurance


 Employment Practices Liability Insurance Protection Against

Employee Claims and Litigations

pursuant to

Federal and State Labor Laws –


Potential Employees  (Right!  Never Hired! )

Existing Employees

Past Employees


Employment Practices - Labor Laws and Common Law Insurance Coverage

designed to protect:

 For-Profit & Non-Profit Companies  (Small, Medium, and Large)

Banks, Other Financial Institutions, Hedge Funds, Equity Funds

All Officers and Directors ( Right Again! – Personal Liability! )


Greenpoint Agency, Inc.


Employment Practices Liability Insurance  protects an employer (and the officers and directors)  against claims made by prospective employees, current employees, and past employees.



Examples of EPL Improper/Wrongful Acts that may result in Causes of Action for Plaintiff - Employee Litigation/ Claims*:

Denial of interview

Failure to employ

Failure to grant tenure

Failure to provide adequate workplace

Failure to provide adequate procedures and employment policies

Improper performance review

Improper change of work hours or shift

Improper change of position or transfer

Improper treatment of whistle blower

Deprivation of career opportunity

Negligent or gross negligent evaluation

Negligent release of personal medical information

Disparaging or derogatory remarks

Defamatory statements made as part of an employee reference

Sexual harassment

Workplace harassment of any kind

Sex discrimination

Race discrimination

Age discrimination

Disability discrimination

Unilaterally requiring mandatory arbitration of EPL claims

Improper denial of vacations and time off

Invasion of privacy

Libel, slander, defamation of character

Misrepresentations related to employment

Failure to promote or transfer

Wrongful termination or discharge or dismissal

Breach of contract of employment

Adverse or unfair reprimand

Wrongful or improper discipline

Retaliation against employee

Improper discipline

Wrongful infliction of emotional distress

Employee benefit plan mismanagement

Denial of training

Violation of equal pay act

Civil rights violations relating to other improper/wrongful acts above

* Note: The above list is an example. Read your EPL policy to determine which "Wrongful Acts" are included.

 Please discuss with us particular wrongful acts that are of interest to your company, the officers, and directors.


Additional Litigation and Claims Information:

1. During the past decade, there has been a growing trend to hold both Privately Owned and Publicly Owned Companies, and their Officers and Directors (Personally) Liable for violation of federal and state labor laws.From 2008 through 2010, median claim amounts were from $182,000 to $266,000, ranging as high as approximately $700,000.

2. In recent years between 77,000 and 81,000 annual employee claims against employers are enforced by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (Pursuant to federal statutes). More than half of those claims are against companies who employ less than 100 employees. Many additional employee vs. employer claims are handled by state government agencies.

3. Employment disputes are about 75% of all corporation litigations recently.

4. Generally standard business liability insurance policies exclude some or all  Employee Practices Liability type perils from insurance coverage.

5. If an employee lawsuit is instituted against an employer, the cost of a hiring a law firm to defend an employer is very substantial, with specialist law firms charging as much as $400 per hour, including telephone calls.

  • EPL Insurance usually covers the employers liability for the claim/lawsuit and the legal fees ( Even if the employee claim’s is spurious and lost at trial, the legal fees are generally covered. ).

NOTE: A comprehensive list of insurance websites and index of insurance programs is at the bottom of this page.

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